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David Späth

David Späth entered the light of day for the first time in the South of Heaven (Frrranken). His unconditional love for the abyss of deep Death Metal, and his crystal-clear view of the finality of ‘a moment’, and of excess and death, drove him inevitably into the clutches of photography. During his time in the London dungeon he refined his instincts to then as an immortal source of abstruse ideas and inspiration capture his own pictures from the brink of madness onto celluloid tape. Currently David lives in the caves of the Stuttgart mountains. His keen eye is expressed and presented in galleries in and around Germany.
Dominique Brewing

In the year 1980 a divine Indian oracle predicted that in that very same year in NRW, the light of the world would be discovered in a golden pinhole camera by Dominique Brewing. Following on the successful completion of her studies in quantum physics, she gave in to her long felt passion and pursued photography studies in Pforzheim. One day upon playing her favourite MC Hammer record backwards, a message was relayed to her to pilgrimage to the state capital city (Stuttgart) and to try out her luck there. Thanks to her oriental descent, she promptly became the second brain half of the star, freak and freakstar photographer David Späth.

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